In 1995 EXEDY supplied carbon clutches to Ferrari for use in the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula One. This same technology is now applied to carbon clutches developed by EXEDY for use in various driving conditions, providing an explosive shift feeling and dramatic improvement in engine response.
Through an improved redesign of the cover shape and using a lightweight flywheel we have improved the response and achieved a reduction of total car weight. For example, a full carbon triple clutch on a Nissan R32 is almost half the weight of the vehicles genuine part.

The EXEDY Carbon-R clutch is available as either a single plate (Carbon-R Single), twin plate (Carbon-R Twin) or triple plate (Carbon-R Triple).

Suitable for

  • Track Day
  • Circuit Racing
  • Time Attack


The Features of a Carbon Disc

Long Life

The properties of an EXEDY carbon clutch disc are tested to last twice as long as an equivalent metal clutch disc.

Light Weight

Carbon friction material is 1/3 the weight of its metal equivalent.

High Heat Durability

Carbon materials are baked at more than 2000°C, which allows the carbon material to dissipate heat far better than conventional metallic material. The heat expansion rate is 1/20th of iron therefore eliminating a change in clutch feel that may happen due to distortion caused by expansion during driving. Carbon material not only has a high heat resistance but also a "non-stick" characteristic that eliminates disengagement problems.

Easy Control & High Torque Transfer

Due to the properties of EXEDY Carbon material, as the friction material surface temperature rises so does the friction coefficiency and MAX torque capacity. At lower temperatures the vehicle will be as comfortable to drive as the OE clutch. At higher temperatures, under aggressive driving conditions, the clutch will have the shift performance of a motorsport vehicle.